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An online training platform, from DataMatrix Systems Bangalore on latest software technologies that offers exclusive training on domain specific areas, which are adopted by IT giants and MNC's across the globe to accelerate their businesses. We provide online training, to students and professionals as to enhance their technology skills to meet the demands of job market across the globe , on the following areas like -

Collective Technology Platforms:

  • Big data processing using Hadoop and its eco system
  • Mobility
  • E-Commerce using Oracle Web Commerce
  • Cloud Computing

Software Testing:

  • Functional Testing
  • Automation
  • Performance Testing
  • UX Testing Tools for load/Stress Testing

Besides, we also provide software development, Consulting and Solutions-

  • E-Commerce development with multi-channel and omni-channel approach
  • Mobility on Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry
  • Database servers

Our experienced professionals, from different parts of the world, offer training through this online platform. Students and professionals from any parts of the globe can access these training programmes, without going to classroom and prepare themselves for the vast emerging IT market for the jobs and equip themselves for entrepreneurial venture.

What We Do

We procure online training along with real time project execution methodology. We are involved in design and development of e-commerce applications on various platforms like Oracle Web Commerce, Cloud based Demand ware and Magento Commerce etc. We perform the enhancement and integration of existing e-commerce applications with various third-party systems like order management, rating & reviews, inventory management etc. OnlineGuwahati’s cross platform mobile automation solutions and services help companies step up to a new way of test automation. We facilitate support and maintenance services to existing applications and Database servers.

Our core team who were the part of multichannel, omni channel E-Commerce projects by famous software giants, are now primarily focused on the following technologies in terms of online training:

  • Hadoop and its eco system for Big Data processing    Click here to know more
    • Basic without individual environment setup
    • Intermediate with single node cluster setup on Ubuntu
    • Expert Level that includes multinode cluster setup on AWS Cloud.

  • Oracle Web Commerce (Formally known as ATG)    Click here to know more
    • Basic without CRS setup
    • Intermediate with CRS setup and Customization
    • Expert level with environment setup and third party service integrations

  • Software Testing
  • Tools for load/Stress testing (e.g Apache JMeter) and performance benchmark in web based applications
  • Cloud Computing

Software development, Consulting and Solutions:

  • E-Commerce development using various latest technologies with multi-channel and omni-channel approach
  • Third party service integrations on existing e-commerce applications like Payment Gateway, Order Fulfilment, Inventory etc.
  • Mobility on Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry
  • Database servers (Oracle 11g, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2)

Who We Are

OnlineGuwahati™ is part of DataMatrix Systems(OPC) Private Limited, Bangalore, Karnataka and a venture of highly talented IT Professionals hailing from North Eastern region of India. Through this online platform students and professionals, hailing from North East region of India, are provided online training in various cutting edge technologies. This is a perfect learning and skill development platform for those having basic/preliminary computer programming knowledge. We provide training not only through theoretical knowledge but also by giving exposure to real time industry implementations. After successful completion of the prescribed courses, it equips the students for jobs in international markets and also helps them in their entrepreneurial venture.

OnlineGuwahati is a venture undertaking of Bangalore-based Gautam Goswami, a graduate from Assam Engineering College, Guwahati, and a certified professional on ‘Comprehensive Software Project Management and Design' from Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore.

He has more than 16 years of experience and in-depth knowledge of various technological platforms and business domains. Previously he worked with multinational giants like IBM India, Sweden, Hyperion, NMS Communications in the USA and several European countries like Sweden, Denmark, Norway etc. He has wide expertise in design and development of financial products of Hyperion (Now Oracle). And participated in multiple and product's solution architectures of Hyperion to enhance their existing customer’s knowledge on new releases and features in the USA.

Gautam possesses a very strong hold on E-Commerce domain where he has architected various E-Commerce applications to support B2C and B2B model for best retail companies based in USA and Canada like US Cellular, Barnes and Nobles, Spin Masters etc.

He has accomplished many case studies on Big Data, Hadoop, Multichannel, Omni-channel E-Commerce and is in the process of publishing his research in the form of white papers. Click here to see his profile

On News

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Case Studies

Big Data processing Research Paper Publications and proof of concept(POC) development to address real time industry challenges

We have published research paper on Hadoop and Ecosystem using real time case study, in "International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering" ISSN:2277 128X .

  • Paper title:- Effective Image Analysis on Twitter Streaming using Hadoop Eco System on Amazon Web Service EC2 -->Click here to read online

  • Proof of concept to analyze huge application log files using Hadoop cluster on IBM Cloud Platform:-

    Analyzing the application log files generated on production environment are very challenging. Data in the log files are in unstructured format and hence to leverage the query functionality, they can't be stored in RDBMS/traditional database systems without conversion to structured format. Hence if an application behaves abruptly for very short duration, troubleshooting the application based on the informations recorded in a large log file, probably of size hundreds of terabytes, is nearly impossible.

    As part of our POC development, we found that from an E-Commerce application running on Oracle Web Commerce platform (ATG), sometimes for order fulfilment asynchronous communication was not established to a third party vendor . JMS messaging protocol was responsible to delivered the order submission message from ATG third party vendor and vice versa, but periodically it was unable to do that. Using Hadoop cluster with customized Map-Reduce programming model, we extracted the exact recorded warnings and errors from log files produced from out of box ATG component. After performing the intricate analysis within the framework component, based on the analysed reports produced by Hadoop framework, we concluded that the issue was lying within the ATG framework itself. The same was communicated to the software vendor and subsequently received the patch from them.

Multichannel E-Commerce applications on top of Oracle Web Commerce(ATG)

We have published a paper in "ADBU Journal of Engineering Technology (AJET), an International online Journal." ISSN:2348-7305 on ISO 8583 Messaging System.

  • Paper title:- Usage of ISO 8583 Messaging System in Payment Gateway and Order Fulfilment System on Online Shopping/E-Commerce Applications developed on top of Oracle Web Commerce(ATG) -->Click here to read online

  • Social media integration to perform customer registration and review/ratings and product sentiments analysis

  • Inventory system hookup to perform pre-order and post-order management including marketing email capability.

Mobile Cross Platform Automation


The world of computing has gone much beyond what even the 70’s and 90’s fiction film makers imagined!! We still don’t have flying cars, but we have rockets reaching mars, and Iron man must be ready with his self-tying shoe laces!! This new technology has created incredible opportunities for TESTING!!

Of late we have seen an exponential growth in the number and variety of mobile applications. Every company and business is expected to ensure a high level of quality and mobile responsiveness in every application.

Clients need the applications to have affinity with all devices, browsers and platforms manual testing on thousands of combination is practically impossible challenges of Mobile Applications Testing Device/Platform agnostic mobile automation solutions rapid frequency of app releases

If your company hasn’t considered doing automated cross platform testing, then you’re not taking future growth seriously!! OnlineGuwahati™’s cross platform automation solutions and services help companies step up to a new way of test automation!!

What we offer :

Our custom and comprehensive desktop and mobile automation strategy for getting apps to market on time and within budget, helps increase the customers’ ROI.

Online Guwahati's mobile testing approach wraps the entire software testing life cycle to ensure quality deliverables by leveraging this framework.

Our Differentiators :

  • PLatform and Device agnostic mobile automation framework.

  • Greatest and latest of open source and custom solutions.

  • Group of analysts + Automation experts who can create manual tests and automate them.

  • Integrated reports.

Demo on Online Training

Here are the glimpse of our online training facilities.
We have explained the basic knowledge of Hadoop Framework and how it can be effectively utilized to process Big Data

Demonstration of Cloud Computing by launching a virtual server in Ubuntu 14.4 operating system using famous cloud service provider Amazon Web Service.

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