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Big Data Analysis


We are effectively utilizing Apache’s open source Hadoop and its eco system to store and process various dimension of data. To meet the tough challenges due to an exponential growth of unstructured data from various channels like  emails, e-news paper, social media, blogs etc, we help product and marketing companies across the globe to understand their customers’ sentiments, analyze brand value as well as preparation of reports to take crucial business decision.

To process huge volume of log files generated from various types of web and application server, our team have the capabilities to connect log generation source and subsequently process in order to extract intricate information by storing data on distributed storage layer.

We can help and support mid-size e-commerce vendor to build data lake using open source components to analyse and understand customer’s buying pattern based on post order fulfilment data as well as their review and rating publishes via social media, blogs etc.

Also consulting to adopt extraction, loading and then transformation of data over traditional ETL process.