Independent Testing – Overview

Why Independent Testing ?

  • An independent tester can easily and repeatedly find out more, other, and different defects than a tester working within a programming team – or a tester who is by profession a programmer.
  • While business analysts, marketing staff, designers, and programmers bring their own assumptions to the specification and implementation of the item under test, an independent professional tester brings a different set of assumptions to testing and to reviews, which often helps in exposing the hidden defects and problems
  • professional tester who reports to senior management can report his results honestly and without any concern for reprisal that might result from pointing out problems in co-workers’ or, worse yet, the manager’s work.
  • An independent testing team has a separate budget, which helps ensure the proper level of money is spent on tester training, testing tools, test equipment, etc.
  • Test consultants are skilled in testing processes, methodologies, tools and techniques
  • Cost reduction

Testing – Highlights

  • Agile Based Testing Approach and Planning
  • Efficient use of Agile Project Management and Test Tools
  • Early Testing : Static Testing of requirements, PSDs, HTMLs etc.
  • Requirements modelling : Client Discussions and Querying
  • Proven ecommerce business intensive Test cases and scenario design Techniques
  • Proven Review processes : Verification
  • Functional & System Testing interleaved with Regression cycles
  • Sanity scrutiny on each Build
  • Defect Triages with Technical Team
  • Well defined Entry and Exit Criteria for each Phases
  • Change Management : Impact Analysis, Updates and Additions,
  • Independent Test Data Creation
  • Best in class Defect Management Techniques
  • Metrics collection
  • Creation and Execution Reports : Coverage, Adequacy, Execution Summary, Defect Classification and Burn Down
  • Project Health Reporting
  • Integrations Testing : Real & Stubs based
  • Active Support during : UAT and SIT
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Release Management : Release Note, Production Test Support, Business User Trainings, Demos